Record-Keeping Questions? Image

Record-Keeping Questions?

With our upcoming SHRED & POPSICKLE DAY (April 29th - see announcement) planned for after tax season, I'm sure the question will come up "how long should I keep my records for?"  Well, the IRS, as well as others have opinions on that, so we have compiled a few links and documents for you to read on how long you should keep records.  You are welcome to print these out as you go through your documents.  If you have any questions, don't he

Double Taxation for Your Clients: The Highest Risk Image

Double Taxation for Your Clients: The Highest Risk

As an advisor, how involved are you with your client’s taxation issues, such as the actual management of their yearly tax-efficient investment trades or their retirement savings? If you are highly involved, you might be helping your clients make good investment-related decisions. However, you could also be setting them up for a double-taxation possibility. One of the highest risk areas where clients could pay double taxation on the same income and never know it revolves around exercising non-qualified, granted company stock options. 

Tax Law Changes Affecting Your Clients Image

Tax Law Changes Affecting Your Clients

Yes, it’s tax filing season again, already!   And again for this year, we had some tax laws extended by Congress through 2016 or 2019, but some were actually made permanent. 

So for the context of this article, we’ll discuss only those changes affecting your individual clients.


Summary of Individual Tax Provisions Made Permanent