Who Wins the ‘Passive vs. Active’ Institutional Debate? Pt. 7: U.S. High Yield Bonds

This is the seventh and final in my series of blogs on whether a passive or active approach performs better in the mutual fund space.

Our final article looks at the bond market, asking if there are indexing opportunities in all available bond asset classes. Well, the High Yield bonds space is definitely an interesting screening. Keep in mind I’m using Morningstar Direct as my source of screening, testing and research on return/expense data points.  

"Advisors Urge Investors: Don’t Panic"

Andy was quoted in ThinkAdvisor back in August, check out the Article below:

Don’t panic, review your portfolio and, if your stomach can handle it, consider buying more stocks. That’s what many financial advisors have been recommending to clients during the latest stock market plunge.

At its lowest point over the past week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down more than 1,000 points intraday on Monday, before recovering 80% of that daily decline. But even after the recovery, the Dow was off 8% for the week.