2 Tax-Efficient Savings Strategies for Right Now: Tax Season Lesson, Pt. 2

Because every client’s needs are unique, a canned approach to tax-efficient savings of Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs, 401(k), 403(b), NQ annuities, NQ accounts, etc., is not necessarily the most flexible or tax efficient option for every client. As advisors, we know that the words “tax-free” don’t always mean there’s no tax ever paid, just like the term “pre-tax” doesn’t mean there’s always more tax to be paid later.

Why I Don’t Like Roth IRAs: Tax Season Lesson, Part 1

Tax planning for clients during tax season always generates new strategies and ideas, as unique situations tend to get my analytical wheels turning. From a risk/reward wealth management perspective, I like to look at tax planning with the actual cost to the client in mind, including what is the best cash flow option, because the most tax efficient savings strategy for each person’s situation is the ultimate wealth planning strategy.

The Truth About Insurance Brokers Who Sell Annuities

I must say I was somewhat surprised by the reaction from the advisory community in regard to my recent articles about index and guaranteed annuities. I received some expected feedback from those who strongly disagreed with my views, while also getting many positive comments from fiduciary advisors who see the same factual logic I illustrated in these past articles relative to annuities. The discussion has obviously touched a nerve.

What I Wish Every Prospect Had Considered Before Asking "Can I Retire?"

As an experienced wealth manager and retirement planning advisor, I find it very challenging when a prospective client somehow thinks I can answer their “Can I retire?” question in an initial one- or two-hour meeting. I’m sure most fiduciary advisors have been asked the same question, which, as you know, entails a far deeper discussion, mostly driven by actions taken long before we ever meet the client.

Why College Athletes Shouldn’t Get Paid

One of the most publicized stories is that of returning Texas A&M quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel, aka “Johnny Football, ” who allegedly signed autographs for compensation. With the premise of college athletes getting paid over and above their scholarships as a backdrop, I thought it would be interesting to explore the actual financial details of the annual debate: Should college athletes get paid to play or should their free education be enough? 

What Bubble Gum Can Teach Us About Bond Bubbles

I’ve always fancied myself somewhat of a bubble gum aficionado, and fondly remember my childhood when I pestered my mom for some Big League Chew in the grocery store checkout line. I got pretty good blowing the largest bubbles and keeping them from popping all over my face. As I recently reminisced about my bubble gum-blowing days, I noticed some interesting similarities between U.S. bond bubble metrics and those of different bubble gums. Let me explain their shared characteristics.