Andy Quoted On "14 Tips to Help you Invest More in 2012"

Andy was quoted in an article "14 Tips to Help you Invest More in 2012".

Becoming investment-wise applies even if you’re working with a financial planner.  Wealth management specialist and CPA Andrew Rice, Vice-President of Money Management Services, Inc. in Birmingham, Alabama, says his more knowledgeable clients do better in the market because their confidence allows them to handle more risk.

Money Management Service

Stocks Close Up as Wall Street Posts Another Good Week

It was another exciting week on Wall Street as the majority of stocks continued to befuddle the most pessimistic pundits as stocks close up. During the holiday-shortened week, stocks took their cue from better-than-expected earnings reports and some unexpectedly strong economic data. It was the ‘bulls’ third-straight weekly win for the month of January and it’s the best start for a new year dating all the way back to 1987. And, what’s even more confusing and surprising is that the worst stocks of 2011 are now the new leaders of the still young 2012.

"IRS Offers Tax Relief for Tornado Stricken Areas"

Read Andy's article published by Advisor One discussing "Some Relief Being Given For Tornado Stricken Areas"...

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Eight Questions to Ask About Roth IRA Conversions: ADVICE Column

In a previous article, I couldn't tackle all the issues associated with this complicated conversion dilemma, nor can I completely finish them here. However, I'd like to propose a number of additional issues worth considering, based on feedback to my original article, in the hope that it, as well as other discussions, will prompt advisors to step back and at least re-think their opinions on the Roth very carefully.