An Advisor (and Client) Wish List for the Next President

My annual “wish list” usually coincides with the coming of Christmas, but this wish list is a little different, and one that I believe to be of dire importance for all Americans. So what do I (and my clients) wish for from our next president (and those elected to Congress) come November? 1. Simplicity We need a president that will take complex issues and easily explain them in simple terms so everyday Americans can make better decisions for all rather than just themselves. Our political landscape, world events and life in general is unbelievably complex today.

Andy Gives a Presentation to UAB Periodontal Students

In May, Andy was invited to give a presentation to the UAB Dental and Periodontal Residents regarding financial tips and information beneficial to decisions they will face, both personal and professional, once they are out of school and working.  Among the topics Andy explained were how to choose a mortgage and the options and benefits associated with each of them, seeking partnerships, evaluating partnership offers, investing for their future and smart decision making from the beginning.  The students

Money Management Service

Thinking of a Hardship Distribution

Are you thinking about taking a hardship distribution from your 401k? For many Americans facing uncertain economic times, loans and hardship withdrawals from retirement savings are on the rise according to a recent study done by Fidelity Investments. While this may be the only option for some facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, there are a few things that need to be considered before you take that withdrawal.

"IRS Offers Tax Relief for Tornado Stricken Areas"

Read Andy's article published by Advisor One discussing "Some Relief Being Given For Tornado Stricken Areas"...

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