Money Management Service Birmingham Financial Planning ServicesComprehensive Financial Planning always has and always will be one of the most important parts used to determine how to design a strategy to achieve your goals and dreams. It’s glue that holds your financial life together. Traditional financial planning involves the creation of an exhaustive and expansive plan at the start of a relationship. However, we also believe financial planning is a continuous, dynamic process that ought to occur when it is needed – as frequently as that may be. This planning process involves a lot of blocking and tackling to make sure that goals are transformed into decisions, and that those decisions are implemented. It provides analysis, focused recommendations, and the necessary documents that are needed at the key decision points in your life.

The foundation for Money Management Services planning process is a strategic analysis that measures one’s ability to accomplish their long-term financial goals. It takes into account your financial assets, projected income streams such as Social Security and pension plans, as well as anticipated rates of return and inflation. This and other information enable us to calculate how much you can spend, and still achieve all of your financial goals.

This analysis provides a context in which to evaluate important financial planning components such as taxes, insurance, investing, retirement, education, estate planning, risk management and charitable giving. That is what a comprehensive financial plan does…it looks at your entire financial picture, forming bridges where needed, and addressing the holes that need to be filled. We believe that our founder and CEO, summed it all up in this powerful confirmation of our philosophy and guiding principles.